Hi Cannon Families! 


As PTA president, I want to take a minute to share some important context about our fundraising efforts this year. I hope you'll take a moment to read this email because it contains some important information about our budget. 


Q: How close are we to our goal of providing shade for our outdoor spaces? 

A: We have about $12,000 specifically for earmarked shade, but we will be able to adjust our budget to get a little more. For example, we spent less on our Meet the Teacher Night than we anticipated, and we had a successful online auction that brought in $1,800. We raised about $20,000 in fundraisers last year, but we also set aside $3,500 to fix the marquee sign in front of the school and we have earmarked $5,000 for the Sky Ranch field trip buses, which is an expense we have not had in the past two years. A large shade structure that could cover the swingset area of the playground is about $50,000. 


Q: Why doesn't the school district just pay for it?

A: Several other elementary schools have raised money through PTA to pay for shade structures on the playgrounds. It's become something of a precedent. Besides, we can move more quickly. Our playground gets so hot! Kids spend a good chunk of their time hiding from the sun on hot days. Last year, a teacher's shoe MELTED! 


Q: The Boosterthon obstacle course was in the spring last year. Will there be two fun runs every year now? 

A: No. We moved it to the fall this year in the hopes that we could raise enough in the fall to get at least some shade built in the spring. We also renegotiated with the company Boosterthon to keep as much money in our budget as possible. That means we are handling our own prizes for the students, and Boosterthon is charging us a minimal fee for use of their online platform. 


Q: If we just asked every family for $50, we'd be really close to the goal. Why do an obstacle course and go through all this!?

A: That sounds great! But doing the obstacle course has several other benefits besides fundraising. Kids see the Dads Club actively involved on campus. They see simple machines at work ("Y'all need STEM!"). They get some great exercise and have fun. And they get to play an active role in improving their campus. 


Q: So Boosterthon, and that's it? You'll stop asking for money? 

A: Honestly, no. But when we ask for money, it will be in return for something. Like if you want to buy a shirt or buy tickets for our amazing STEMAPALOOZA fall festival after school on Oct. 21. I know it can feel like PTA is always asking for money, but PTA volunteers donate hundreds of hours each month, and we spend the money we raise on staff appreciation, STEM supplies, campus improvements, scholarships, field trips, our Santa Shop, spirit wear and more. Other PTAs in GCISD raise and spend more than we do; a few raise and spend less. We're somewhere in the middle, even though we support the best school in Texas! 


I want to thank our board members for the work they do. Every conversation we have about money begins and ends with the best interest of our families and students at heart. Reach out to them. Offer your support and ideas. And please consider supporting your PTA in any way you can. 


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Michael Landauer 
President — Cannon Elementary PTA
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