Here are Five Things you need to know about Friday:


1. We have an amazing food truck coming! Chicago's Taste & More will be there with hot dogs, sausages, cheesesteaks, fries and other goodies. Check out their website. You can even order online. Oh, and there will be an ice cream truck there, too. Cash and card only. Tickets and bracelets are for games and the raffle only. 


2. We still need volunteers. Please take a look at pages 2 and 3 of this signup form and find a time that works for you. Lots of fun options remain! 


3. You can skip the purchase line and get tickets and all-inclusive bracelets online until Thursday at midnight. We will have your items available for pickup at the event. Plus, there is an exclusive online special: $20 for 12 tickets (two extra tickets). The tickets can be used for our bounce houses, tricycle races, games and the TEACHER DUNK TANK! They can also be used as raffle tickets for the 50 percent Mystery Robot Raffle. 



Advanced online sales are over. You can buy tickets with cash or card at the event. 


4. Our Teachers and Staff are good sports! One of these amazing educators will be in the Mystery Robot costume between 5 and 6 p.m. Use your tickets to enter the raffle by putting your ticket in the bucket of the teacher who you think is in the costume. If your ticket gets picked, you get the cash value of HALF of the tickets entered in that bucket! The buckets will be near the DJ booth. (Yes, that's right, there will be a DJ. And the Grapevine Library STEM Bus. And a Lacrosse league. This is a big deal, folks!)



Oh, and set an alarm on your phone: Ms. Garrett will be in the Dunk Tank at 5 p.m. 


5. And as if this day wasn't going to be fun enough, don't forget to send a dollar or two cash with your Cub on Friday. The PTA will have some snacks for sale as they make their way between all the fun STEM challenges on campus.